Pumpkin Eater

020320 Breakfast : Roasted garlic pumpkin, home made cherry chutney on seeded rye.

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I’ve always loved roast pumpkin. It has a beautiful sweet almost virginal taste.  I read somewhere about the outrageous new trend to add pumpkin in a sandwich. Well I never. But I did and never turned back, only because I was moving in one direction and it was senseless to go back for no reason at all.

To be honest, if you take something and shove it in a sandwich, it just tastes better. So I deseed and cut the pumpkin in pieces (same size), never remove the skin, oil spray your oven tray, add baking paper and spray again (easier to clean later), add pumpkin, oil spray the pumpkin and go to town with the spices: oregano, basil, rosemary, plenty of salt/pepper and any form of garlic. Once baked to crispynessdelicousness lather two grilled slices of sourdough with any chutney and NOTHING else.  Eat naked on your balcony


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